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When Matar was nine, he discovered parkour and started training with friends in the streets of Gaza. He loved the freedom of whizzing over walls and ruins, of turning obstacles into opportunities. Soon, he and his mates were so good that the videos they posted got international attention. His incredible skills as a traceur opened new doors to the world – and Matar was eventually able to get to Sweden. But the rest of his family remains in Gaza. This is Matar’s story about choosing freedom, but being forced to leave your family behind. About loving life and never fearing death. About calling home every ten minutes when the bombs fall. About almost being able to fly and never wanting to land. This play is based on interviews with Matar and was compiled by Ada Berger, artistic director of Young Dramaten. Exit Parkour is a collaboration between Unga Dramaten and Andersson Dance.

‘Every day since I came to Sweden feels like a dream’

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